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Are you ready?

Have you registered to vote?

Do you want to Postal Vote this year?

Its very simple to register to vote.

Please follow the link below.

It only takes 5 minutes.

Perhaps you would prefer a Postal vote this year?

Please follow link below to the Maidstone Borough Council postal vote application page.

Where and how to vote

Please follow link below for more information and where to find your local Polling Station.

How to Vote: Issues

Why is it important to vote in this particular local election?

Maidstone Borough Council are our local planning authority and therefore have control over all planning decisions in our borough.  The MBC employed officers along with elected Councillors, through various committees, decide how and where developments for housing and business are given permission in our borough.   I feel it is vitally important that the views of residents are heard, listened to and acted upon by those who make these important decisions about the future of our borough.

Of course Maidstone Borough Council also have many many other vital responsibilities such as but not exclusively; benefits, bins and burials to name but a few! 

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How to Vote: News Feed

Thank you for electing me

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